On The Away: Flippy Adventure Epic Skater

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On The Away: Flippy Adventure Epic Skater

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On The Away: Flippy Adventure Epic Skater


Become the trendy skater in town! On the away brings you the most fantastic skater game. No wait for a cracker of a game that will assure your time does not get wasted. Lots of obstacles to dodge and a BIG score to make! Skating is in, and now you can get a taste of the skater stunt with this awesome game. As a skyline skater, you’ll have to dodge lots of obstacles as you skate your way through levels while gathering points! Enjoy hours of enjoyment with these free skaters games-this. The epic skater will keep you hooked from start to finish (and it is free). There are many options, including skating fast like a skater freestyle or jumping over hurdles when they appear. But whichever style suits you best, be sure not to fall off the gravity board. If all goes well, and by some miracle, and if we’re still conscious after our day on two feet: Download SkateTown now to be the coolest Skater in town! Skater Boy is a fantastic game where you can skate around town, dodging all kinds of crazy things like cars and helicopters while collecting as many stars as possible for extra points. Along with these challenges, there are also jumps scattered throughout each level so make sure to use them at every opportunity because they’re critical for getting high scores! So what are you waiting for? Get out on the streets now and become ‘the coolest skater’ by skating away from everything holding back their progress. This game provides you with lots of obstacles. Your job is to avoid them and skate along. There’s an option to skate fast and to jump to avoid the obstacles in your way. Skate your way all day long, and become the best in its class. So why wait? Put the pedal to the metal and skate through your problems. Download on the way and become the coolest skater in town! Skateboards can be purchased at a skater shop. The coins earned from each game can be used to buy new skates. The skateboard graphics are not the best, but they are enough to make the game worthwhile. The beauty of the cityscape is fantastic and authentic. You have the option to choose the skin color for your skaters. There are many missions and obstacles, so you will have to overcome more of them once you’ve completed one level. You have limited life spans, and you only have one chance to master the skater game. If your skater is struck by light while skating through an electric storm, he will die without the possibility of getting up again. Sometimes, an enemy can grab his skates and break them. This will leave him out of action until you win the next level. Flippy your way through an “adventure” of obstacles to reach the best loot in this irresistibly fun game. Collect as many shiny objects as possible and evade disaster while you deftly roll on, jump off ramps, and grind off rails. This excellent skating app provides lots of fun: You can be fast or jump around all day. The goal is simple–to avoid those pesky things on your pathway, but it’s no cakewalk either because there are plenty more waiting at every turn, too. Skateboard through your problems! Download the newest skater game from Way On The Away, and become the most fabulous BMX boy in town. This addicting new release provides you with lots of obstacles to dodge as you skate along – but don’t worry, there’s an option for flippy adventure or jumping over those pesky blocks in your way. Skate all day long and show everyone who is toughest on boardwalks: YOU!
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